Why Won’t He Return My Calls?

Published: 12th January 2009
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One of the biggest questions I hear from people just like you who are healing a broken heart from love and trying desperately to get their relationships back together is how can I get my ex to return my phone calls. It sounds hard to believe but there ARE some 'magic words' that almost cast a spell and make your ex almost compelled to return your call.

Sound to good to be true? Pay close attention and you will learn the answer of "How do I get my ex to return my phone call, text or IM.

But First Let's Go Over What NOT to Say!

This can be broken down into 2 categories, and can actually do more harm than good. The following almost NEVER works and can mess up your head in the process.

The first category is the PLEAD-

Where the following message might be something like this.:

"Dick, please, please call me. This is the 3rd time I have called. I HAVE to talk to you."

And the second category is the EMERGENCY-

And it might sound something like this:

"Linda, this is an emergency. Please call me as soon as you get this."

I think it is pretty obvious that you can see what is wrong with both of those attempts, So we will now try a different approach.

CURIOSITY and SELF INTEREST are two of the most powerful forces in the human mind and you can learn how to use them to your advantage. So lets look at the magic recipe that will work nearly every time

The real SECRET is the combination of the two, done right and you WILL have a formula that works like Magic nearly EVERY TIME.

And here's is the KEY!

In your friendliest voice try the following;

"Hi Dick .This is Linda. I wanted to let you know I appreciate what you did for me. Call me because I want to thank you in person."

Do you see how that uses BOTH curiosity and self interest?

Dick will NOT be able to resist! He will think "What did I do?"

"What does she appreciate?" And he feels good because it is a positive message.


Before you make this call you first need to set things up, you have to figure out what he/she did that you appreciate. It can be any small thing but it has to be believable.

Please be forewarned, You have to have an underlying strategy BEFORE you call, If not handled correctly you can do more HARM than good. So what is really important here is what you do before, during and after you get them to return your call. It is a lot MORE important than getting them to return your call at all.

Make sense?

It is VERY important to follow a tried and tested line of attack

Have a PLAN like the one I discovered HERE It can really change your life for the better.

Find out how to refine this technique and get your relationship off of that damaging emotional roller coaster you are on. Immediate Help is available right HERE.

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